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Everyone is looking for a competitive edge. The MAC Pneumatic design, in conjunction with state of the art components, delivers that edge in the form of increased fuel economy, ergonomic controls, shorter unloading times and low maintenance operation. Let the MAC team build your competitive edge.

Whether your dry bulk transporting involves cement or sand, plastic pellets, flour, sugar, feed or ash, MAC offers a size compatible to your haul and piping-discharge to meet your requirements. Should you require a tandem or multi-axle configuration, for Canada or permitted loads, let the MAC team build your competitive edge.

LOW CUBE PNEUMATIC TANKS- Low cube pneumatic tanks haul the materials from which our world is built. It is the perfect balance of beauty and brawn with a smooth aluminum exterior complete with internal bar type bracing
and internal hopper apex reinforcing plates. High quality extruded aluminum front and rear frames to construct the ideal tank you need whether you are on the job site or in the oil field. MAC Trailer offers a host of
optional equipment to enable you to customize your tank to suit your operational needs.
MODELS 1050 – 1250 – 1350 Additional Sizes Available

HIGH CUBE PNEUMATIC TANKS- High cube pneumatic tanks by MAC are built to best suit your operational needs. Our food grade powder tank standard equipment is top of the line at MAC Trailer. We use the best polished aluminum for our tanks with a smooth aluminum exterior complete with internal bar type bracing and internal hopper apex reinforcing plates. Food grade interior weld and vessel treatment and manhole designs with cast aluminum
covers equipped with 6 cam type latches, white gaskets and non-ferrous hardware. At MAC Trailer, we understand that no one knows what works in your operation better than you do and our goal is to put your ideas to work for you! MODELS 1650 – 1850 – 2000 Additional Sizes Available

VACUUM PNEUMATIC- MAC Trailer has engineered and developed vac tank trailers with a host of features that establishes a new standard for the industry. Our external rings with abbreviated internal blade reinforcements improves cleaning ability with no reinforcements at top. We equip out Vacuum’s with removable piping for easy and quick cleaning. Our external air piping provides permanent labeled controls to reduce driver learning curve and are centrally located to reduce work area and are conveniently accessible from a standing position without over reaching. Hot Air Lines are tucked in low and inboard to reduce the risk for driver injury.
MODEL 1636

AEROMAC VESSEL- In a class above the rest the AeroMAC is a Monocoque frameless design with a 100% clean bore smooth interior, external rings and a front and rear void section. This light weight design is the King of Pneumatic tank trailers offering 102” wide low center of gravity, optional washout nipples, food grade aerators and hoses, easily removable cam-on couplings, conveniently placed wiring and airline accessibility, top of the line hose tube and galvanized suspension hangers with soft coated axles. If you are looking for a tank trailer to make you work like royalty look no further than the AeroMAC, the newest addition to the MAC Trailer Pneumatic line.
MODEL 1615

Safety First

Falling is a serious concern for all drivers, maintenance individuals and site staff when they walk the top of a pneumatic to open-close the manholes or perform service. As a result, the MAC Trailer Design Team has engineered, extensively tested and now offers a retractable set of hand rails as an optional safety feature available on all the new MAC PNEUMACTIC tank trailers.

The handrails, constructed of tubular aluminum, are operated by an air valve located forward of the rear fenders and when raised, are securely locked into position. When retracted, the rails fold into a locked position that is lower than the height of the manholes.

As an added measure of overall safety, when the rails are raised, the brakes on the truck-trailer are locked to prevent any movement until the handrail is lowered.

The unique safety feature of the retractable handrails is a proprietary design of MAC Trailer and is available as a retrofit kit for all existing trailer makes.

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