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Pneumatic Tank Trailers

Pneumatic Tank Trailers

In the same tradition that earned MAC Trailer the reputation and respect as the nation’s foremost manufacturer of specialty dump, flatbed and transfer trailers, the Company now brings to you the pneumatic tank trailer.

The MAC New Products Team has engineered and developed a pneumatic with a host of features that establishes a new standard for the industry. After extensive field research, visits to and interaction with European manufacturers, direct and constructive consultation from a host of industry leaders and “to its limit” testing; MAC Trailer has designed what soon will become known as the “PNEUMATIC OF CHOICE” amongst operators throughout North America.

The main objective of the TEAM was to design a user friendly trailer with a higher level of aerodynamics to improve fuel mileage and enhanced structural integrity, while at the same time focus on materials, construction and industry respected and proven components for the valves, manholes, gaskets, aeration, seals and running gear; to ensure reduced maintenance costs, to provide operational safety features, to offer maximum payload and to achieve a very aggressive tare weight of only 8600 pounds.

Whether your dry bulk transporting involves cement or sand, plastic pellets, flour, sugar, feed or ash, MAC offers a size compatible to your haul and piping-discharge to meet your requirements. Should you require a tandem or multi-axle configuration, for Canada or permitted loads, contact MAC to review your pneumatic application and needs.


Safety First

Falling is a serious concern for all drivers, maintenance individuals and site staff when they walk the top of a pneumatic to open-close the manholes or perform service. As a result, the MAC Trailer Design Team has engineered, extensively tested and now offers a retractable set of hand rails as an optional safety feature available on all the new MAC PNEUMACTIC tank trailers.

The handrails, constructed of tubular aluminum, are operated by an air valve located forward of the rear fenders and when raised, are securely locked into position. When retracted, the rails fold into a locked position that is lower than the height of the manholes.

As an added measure of overall safety, when the rails are raised, the brakes on the truck-trailer are locked to prevent any movement until the handrail is lowered.

The unique safety feature of the retractable handrails is a proprietary design of MAC Trailer and is available as a retrofit kit for all existing trailer makes.

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