Mac Trailer

Called Steve Hallas in the summer of 1994 and asked about getting a new trailer built. I was 34 at the time. He said that a new company was being formed by a young energetic fellow and that I should buy a trailer from this new company. I said “what’s it going to look like?” He said “trust me, you will like it.” I ordered two and Steve was right, 18 years later, I still like them and use one of them myself every day.

The trailer I still have is a 38’ frameless serial # 95MAC1055 (built before 17 digit VIN #s) I suppose the best feature about a Mac trailer would have to be its incredible long-life durability. My trailer has served me for more than 18 years and shows no sign of needing replaced! It has been used nearly every day-not a seasonal job. Hauled a mountain of Fertilizer, road salt, grain, etc. I’ve replaced the hoist about 3 years ago and tailgate about the same time. The tailgate could have had the corrosion problems repaired but I’m kind of picky so I brought it back to Alliance for a factory replacement. I’ve thought about the years with this trailer and I’ve never lost a single day of work due to a trailer problem. Truly remarkable. Would I recommend improvements? How could I? Would I buy another one? Absolutely, but I really think this one could out-last me! Thinking about a new one but only because the kid in me wants something new and shiny. Thank you MAC Trailer and keep up the Great Work!

Sincerely, Steve Pitts