The newest member of the MAC Trailer Series of Dump Trailers, is the MAC Bullet™ Bottom Dump. This latest offering brings versatility to the lineup while still maintaining the MAC tested quality and structural integrity. This patented aerodynamic design will shoot past your expectations of optimizing payload and reducing maintenance.

MAC Bullet™ - In the mid 1970’s, an era when only steel bottom dump trailers were prominent, the Bullet™ design was an extremely advanced concept for the day. Touted as a “Monocoque Design”, an Aircraft design term, the trailer was and still is truly a futuristic approach to trailer design. The concept offers much efficiency to the mode of hauling many bulk commodities. It’s light weight durable design brings greater payloads with lower maintenance costs. The body of the trailer resembles an air wing design in which the body panels become the primary structure of the trailer while the internal supports and braces work in unison with the function of the trailer to maintain its integrity. The roll formed, smooth side wall design not only delivers a second to none look, but it also brings you the benefit of fuel efficiency due to less wind drag when compared to trailers with external support ribs and members.

The curved upper hopper side wall design allows the product to unload from the center without abrading the side sheets thus reducing maintenance and prolonging the life of the trailer. The completely enclosed front and rear voids house all air and electrical systems and their components. With the exception of the gate cylinders and the air brake chambers, these components are housed out of harm’s way, reducing maintenance costs and preventing costly downtime.

The Legacy Continues – The MAC Bullet™ aluminum bottom dump was designed by a group of aluminum tank trailer craftsmen in Billings, Montana at a small company called Billings Tank in the mid-1970s. Beall Corporation purchased Billings Tank in the late 1970’s and began developing a market for the Bullet™ trailer concept first in the Coal industry. Throughout the 1980’s the Bullet™ trailer became prominent in the Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming coal markets. In the mid 1980’s the Bullet design was further developed for use in the sand and gravel industry. The low side-height design proved to be a strong trailer that outperformed most steel bottom dumps and became known at that time as “The Bullet” not only because of its general appearance but also because it was known to be “Bullet Proof” in its working environment. Continuous production of the Bullet trailers throughout the next 30 years allowed the design to improve, with numerous models for a wide array of applications. In the early 2000’s, The Bullet™ was separated from the Beall Corporation and stood on it’s own for nearly a decade, when the company was purchased by MAC Trailer Enterprises in 2022. Now referred to as the MAC Bullet™, this unique trailer design serves a multitude of industries ranging from Aggregates, Coal, Fertilizer, Fly Ash, Limestone, Mill Tailings, Mining Ore, Petroleum Coke, Salt, Sand, Sugar Beets, and more.

MAC Bullet, backed by almost 30 years of MAC Trailer experience, will insure the same quality and design that has been developed over the last 40 years by retaining the Sunnyside work force comprised of longtime Bullet™ employees. MAC Bullet™ Manufacturing, Inc. also acquired the registered trademark (# 1,622,364) for the Bullet™ and Bullet trailer shape and design.


  • Custom Lengths/Axle Configuration
  • Landing Gear
  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Drum Brakes
  • Trailer Roll Stability
  • Tire Inflation System
  • Onboard Scales
  • Tarp System

MAC Bullet™ Manufacturing, Inc., MAC Bullet™ and Design, THE BULLET™, THE BULLET™ and Design, and the shape of the MAC Bullet™ trailer are registered trademarks of MAC Bullet™ by MAC Bullet Manufacturing, Inc., a MAC Trailer Enterprises, Inc. company.