Mac Trailer

Create your own MAC 1050 Tank Warrior

For a limited time, MAC Trailer is offering our Dealers a great opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on the purchase of a new Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tank by participating in the new MAC 1050 Tank Warrior Program!

How the Program works is, we will offer a brand new MAC 1050 Pneumatic Tank that comes without hose tubes and product piping so you can create a tank that meets your individual selling needs. MAC Trailer Manufacturing has teamed up with MAC Trailer Aftermarket Parts Inc. to save you money by offering multiple kits for you to select to create the Pneumatic Tank that you desire. Your New tank will get to you faster and our elite parts department will have the kits sent to you with detailed installation instructions.

Available Kits

Kits are purchased through the MAC Trailer Aftermarket Parts Department at or 1-800-647-9424.

Cement Kit

Sand Piping Kit

Top Air Piping Kit

Tow Plate Kit

Hopper Cabintet Kit

Hose Tube Kits