• This MAC Trailer is the finest bucket I've pulled! Even dirty she looks great!

      JR B
    • My brand new 2018 40x96x66 MAC. Just picked it up 10/12 from y’all..... So happy with it. Thank you for a great trailer. Thank you for the honor. I look forward to a great 2019 with MAC Trailer.

      Clint D. WV
    • I love your guys product. Clearly best in the business. I just ordered another new trailer last week. I love your product.

      Andy M. MI
    • My bossman's 2014 MAC frameless coal trailer of Jamie Walker Trucking. It's the most sharpest frameless trailer on the road in my opinion. Thanks MAC for making an excellent product, and I can't wait to see you guys and your awesome booth, again at MATS in March.

      Eric P. MI
    • Northern NY weather is brutal and we run heavy with salt but it never phases this MAC trailer! We run up to our permit weight of 102k. 33.5 to 34 tons in the trailer with ease.

      Charles C. NY
    • Proud to run top of the line equipment from you guys! Thank you all for helping use succeed and ride in style!

      Grant H. IL
    • I’m the founder of Big Strappers Inc and I just wanted to say MAC trailer has one of the best trailers ever made and we love featuring our trucks on your equipment.

      Bryan P. USA
    • Our 32 Foot 2014 MAC Coal Bucket that now has around 57K miles on it. This trailer was purchased Brand New from Martin’s Peterbilt back in November. Absolutely Love this this trailer! It turns the heads during the day, and it turns the heads at night, when it’s all lit up. A couple days ago, we used the MAC Wash on the truck and trailer, which made it look like new again. Great Products!!

      Eric P. Langley, KYBRC Trucking
    • I refuse to use anything but MAC Trailer for Michigan Sugarbeet hauling in the fall! Love your Trailers and keep up the great work.

      Joshua O. MI
    • I’m the founder of Big Strappers Inc and I just wanted to say MAC trailer has one of the best trailers ever made and we love featuring our trucks on your equipment.

      Bryan P. USA
    • All 3 of our mac trailers hauling cow manure in Berlin, Wi. Brian Retzlaff Trucking LLC is proud to own mac trailers. We have been buying mac for over 16 years. Pictured here from left to right is a 2006, 2014 and a 2004. Love our MAC Trailers!

      Brian R, WI
    • I do realize that these MAC triple tens are not brand new or shiny but they are my favorite style trailer ever made! They are my Dads! The 2006 style MACs and gravel trains are my favorite thing in life that’s why I got my senior photos taken in front of them. I know when I start my company I will order a set of brand new MACs triple ten or supers thanks again Mac trailer.

      Matt D.
    • Most of our Trailers are MAC Trailers. They are TOP Quality equipment! I love pulling my MAC Dump Trailer!

      Corey H. Syracuse, NY
    • I Loveeee my trailer! MAC Trailers are the best! Hence the smiling face :)

      Haley C. Canada
    • This is a 2015, 51 ft Mac with QuickDraw tarp system. 72,000 lb beam. I love how Mac will do all the custom work right from factory. Three bag set up allows me to lift axle off the ground even with 46,000 lbs on the deck. Very solid trailer and very happy customer!!

      Nevin Hoover
    • I have never bought a brand new trailer before and when I made the decision to do so I knew without a doubt that it HAD to be a MAC! I was very excited to visit the MAC Plant and see my new Flatbed trailer being built! Wow what an experience! MAC Trailer is truly a Class act kind of Company and I look forward to purchasing more trailers in the new future! I will always deal with my MAC Sales rep Mat Box and want to give a big thank you to Steve Oldfield for printing my trailer spec to frame and hang in my office.

      Eric Hill, Hills Haulage, Canada
    • I picked up a new MAC from Salem the first week of August. I love everything about this trailer and it gets lots of compliments. This is my first trailer that I have ever purchased, I’m 23 and I knew I wanted to make the right purchase out the the gate. Thank you and all of your staff for you hospitality when I picked it up in Salem.

      Darby Clouse
    • On behalf of Team Elmer’s I would like to congratulate all the individuals at MAC’s Salem Plant for the job well done. Thank you to all of your fine people that were involved in the production of these outstanding trailers and know that Team Elmer’s appreciates another quality product that MAC has provided us with.

      Jim Carey – Team Elmer’s
    • Better Management Corp (BMC) was very pleased with the quality and price of the MAC pneumatic tankers we recently purchased. Additionally, the people at MAC were a pleasure to work with and responsive to our needs from design to delivery.

      Lee Stoneburner President / CEO BMC
    • After purchasing my first trailer from MAC in 2007, I was hooked. I now own a total of 8 Mac trailers (dumps and walking floors) that are keeping me in business. The customer service experience during the custom building of each of my trailers exceeded my expectations. The MAC team honored all of my requests despite the challenges involved in the construction of my unique trailers. I am not an easy customer because I demand perfection. The MAC team goes above and beyond to make sure I am happy with their product and that is why I am a MAC customer for life.

      Marc Cancelliere Owner / Operator
    • We bought our first MAC end dump nearly 20 years ago and over the years they have repeatedly out lasted their competition. Not only are their trailers built better and stronger, but the sales and management team have always been by our side to make sure we receive trailers customized to fit our specific wants and needs.

      Andy Kemp, Fleet manager, All Seasons Trucking
    • Called Steve Hallas in the summer of 1994 and asked about getting a new trailer built. I was 34 at the time. He said that a new company was being formed by a young energetic fellow and that I should buy a trailer from this new company. I said “what’s it going to look like?” He said “trust me, you will like it.” I ordered two and Steve was right, 18 years later, I still like them and use one of them myself every day.

      The trailer I still have is a 38’ frameless serial # 95MAC1055 (built before 17 digit VIN #s) I suppose the best feature about a Mac trailer would have to be its incredible long-life durability. My trailer has served me for more than 18 years and shows no sign of needing replaced! It has been used nearly every day-not a seasonal job. Hauled a mountain of Fertilizer, road salt, grain, etc. I’ve replaced the hoist about 3 years ago and tailgate about the same time. The tailgate could have had the corrosion problems repaired but I’m kind of picky so I brought it back to Alliance for a factory replacement. I’ve thought about the years with this trailer and I’ve never lost a single day of work due to a trailer problem. Truly remarkable. Would I recommend improvements? How could I? Would I buy another one? Absolutely, but I really think this one could out-last me! Thinking about a new one but only because the kid in me wants something new and shiny. Thank you MAC Trailer and keep up the Great Work!

      Steve Pitts
    • Longevity is All About Reliability

      Our reputation to deliver is your reputation to deliver and we take pride in every MAC trailer or truck that rolls out of our factory. We know you have that same pride in your fleet, so we take extra measures to ensure our polished aluminum is protected from the time it is shipped to the time you take delivery, and the preperation of our steel units meets rigorous quality requirements that will assure a professional finish.

      Attention to detail, fit and finish, craftsmanship, pride in worksmanship is essential in the engineering and manufacturing of all our steel or aluminum products. consistency of products is essential, therefore quality assurance practices extends throughout the company from design stage to production, quality control and after market sales support.

      We want you to appreciate the greatest added value one gets with a new MAC trailer as well as reap the benefits with a strong return on investment when it comes time to sell or trade. That is why a MAC trailer has one the the highest resale values in the pre-owned aftermarket.

      With the MAC trailer logo on your trailer, you know you will receive years of reliable service.
    • MAC Understands

      When contracts are awarded, you need your trailers and you do not want to be at the mercy of someone who can not produce. With our manufacturing capability and the reputation to perform, that is why MAC Trailer is your first call for help.

      We are put to the test everyday to meet delivery requirements that effect hauling operations nationwide and MAC Trailer is committed to on time delivery. We maintain a highly skilled workforce that recognizes the necessity to provide a quality built trailer in a time sensitive manner that will meet your deadlines.

      Our revolutionary manufacturing and assembly process is unmatched in our industry, allowing us the flexibility to be reactive to your trailer needs whether it be for one unit or one hundred units.

    • Beat The Competition Through Engineering

      A story we hear everyday; and, as an operator, a fleet manager or the individual responsible for the maintenance, you need to rely on equipment that will contain your costs and position you to tackle the most difficult of hauling contracts.

      The better we understand your operations, the better the resource we are to you. Our engineers and staff regularly go onto job sites and witness first hand the demands of your individual applications and its impact on the trailer design and structural integrity. Then, through the use of our cad systems, solid edge abilities and state of the art technology, we have the capabilities to simulate your operations and in turn design a trailer or truck body most suited for your application. This means you can bid on those extreme jobs and have the confidence in knowing your MAC Trailer has the durability and stability required to perform.

      Our engineering leads the industry, keeping you competitive with the latest in trailer design.