The MAC smooth sided straight truck incorporates the unique technology of “MACLOCK™”, a distinctive structural snap together side panel that represents the alliance of innovation, engineering and construction. Available with inset and outset extruded panel options that are light weight for optimal profit and performance.

The aerodynamic and narrow width dimension of the hollow core 6061-T6 aluminum panels with vertical or horizontal panels, have proven to enhance fuel economy while at the same time allowing you to gain additional cubic yardage for greater payloads and increased profits. With varying thicknesses of the panel’s interior wall side, the hollow extrusions are strategically placed based upon application and weight considerations prior to being welded on the inside joint of the panels.

Unique to MAC, the exterior joint remains weld free and the double wall hides interior impact marks from the exterior side of the trailer to ensure the surface provides a clean, smooth billboard look for your logo and imaging. Our options can be endless to insure we achieve the payload requirements and enhance your operation profitability.

Traditional MAC Sheet & Post Straight Truck Bodies - The MAC Sheet & Post Straight Truck Body is the original design for MAC and remains a very structural body as the side wall aluminum skin, top rail, bottom rail, and uprights form a unitized side wall component for added strength. Every aspect of your MAC has been engineered to give you many years of maintenance free satisfaction. From the splice free wiring, to the machined bushings with threaded in zerk fittings, to the stress proof pins on all the hinge areas, you are getting the finest quality built sheet and post straight truck body in the industry.

Durable Crossmember body for even the most rigorous haul with many options in length, height, width wheel styles and tires. We offer Multiple Gate options such as standard over slug gate, side swing or air actuating gates to fit all of your industry standards and needs.

MAC Half Round Straight Truck Bodies - The MAC Half Round Straight Truck Body has proven itself to be a light-weight, rugged workhorse of the MAC family of Straight Truck Body Designs. Just like all MAC straight truck bodies, the Half Round body style comes with the quality details that you have come accustomed to.

When you need the advantage MAC will differentiate you and increase your versatility. This innovative design is available in 3/16 and 1/4 inch material to maximize aerodynamics for increased fuel mileage. Maximum strength side heights of 52” to 66” to meet all your hauling demands. Superior stability is offered while the load stays centered in the belly while dumping due to the round design. Many liner options are available and LED lighting is standard for all straight truck bodies. All straight truck bodies are thoroughly inspected to ensure quality and consistency and we offer many options that can fit your most crucial hauling needs.

MAC MC Styles - Steel Crossmember-Less Truck Bodies - When the market demands a vocational straight truck application MAC will always deliver! We are proud to exceed your expectations with the new MAC MCP, and MCS Steel Crossmember-less Truck Bodies. These new steel innovative designs are versified in all applications.

With a custom design box for your desired length or specifications that are required for the variety of materials that you haul day in and day out. The MC Crossmember-less straight truck bodies are engineered and designed with integrity and a longer life cycle having a clean under-structure that that offers less corrosion, less rust and no residual material and using the toughest AR-HARDOX steel material in the industry and providing you with many years of service to come.

Both the MAC MCP, and MCS Steel Crossmember-less Truck Bodies use AR450 Material with a 3/16” Side, Front, Floor, Door and Longsills Construction. Both models have built in Conduits and can easily be hooked up for heat applications and formed top rails for strength. Tailgate hinge styles – std- over slung/swing with mechanical and air ground controls/high lift with air in cab controls.

Models can better handle load stress with spring-loaded sides. The hoist selection will offer Custom trunnion mount hoists which provide a smaller doghouse design that is second to none allowing a reduction in residual material and provides a lower mounting height and even weight stability during dump distribution.

MAC Steel Straight Truck Bodies - When the application demands the performance of steel, but light weight is as critical look no further than the MAC Straight Truck Steel. Multiple configurations will provide the necessary structural integrity you have come to know with the maximum payload in mind. The MAC Straight truck steel keeps the material centered during the dumping cycle and assists with quick release of material. All bodies are built subject to the truck chassis dimensions as, square, radius or half round designs and we know the market differs geographically throughout the Nation and have the engineering and capability to conform to the requirements you need.


  • 3/16” AR450 Material
  • 1/4” AR450 Material
  • 13’ to 24’ Lengths
  • 36” to 66” Heights
  • 42” to 72” Door Heights
  • 96” Wide
  • Tarping System
  • Coal Doors
  • Ground Controls