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Explore the MAC Trailer Lineup

Always innovating. Always improving.

At MAC Trailer, we always ask, “How can we make this better?” As your work changes, so does ours. You can count on us to support any hauling need you have, no matter how tough. 

Explore the MAC Trailer lineup below.


Dump Trailers

Our extensive dump product line is something to be proud of, including aluminum end dump, half round dump, bottom dump, and steel dump trailers. 
View Dump Trailers

Flatbed Trailers

Our Flatbed and Drop Deck Trailers provide a versatile product that can handle standard loads and heavy hauls.
View Flatbed Trailers

Pneumatic Tanks

Our pneumatic tank trailers can support almost any hauling need and are available in both food grade and non-food grade options. 
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Transfer Trailers

Our Moving Floor and Tipper Trailers offer durability on the road and ultimate flexibility when unloading materials.  
View Transfer Trailers

Straight Truck Bodies

Our Straight Truck Bodies from MAC Trailer provide peak performance and durability.
View Straight Truck Bodies

Liquid Tank Trailers

Our Liquid Tank Trailers provide unrivaled durability and customization wherever your haul takes you.  
View Liquid Tank Trailers

Research & Development with Quality Control

Excellence means continuous improvement of our products. See what it takes to provide top-quality trailers, and what innovative features we have in the works.


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