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Enhance your payload and operational efficiency


TipperMax is an aluminum drop center tipper trailer and a significant advancement in waste transportation. The innovative aluminum design features a lowered possum belly floor design, enabling higher waste capacities while maintaining standard ride height. Compared to drop-deck tipper trailer designs, TipperMax eliminates the need for low-profile suspensions and tires, enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing payload.


MAC Trailer - TIPPERMAX-01@2x

Possum Belly Floor Design
Standard Ride Height
High Capacity
Standard Parts


Large Load Capacity

With a lowered center possum belly style floor, TipperMax provides 16% more load capacity than a standard tipper (when comparing 53' designs). More capacity means fewer trips to and from waste sites.  Please note capacity is subject to change based on design specifications. 


Efficient Slope Angle 

The highly engineered angle of the dropped center floor unloads more efficiently, reducing product drag. Over time, there is less wear and tear, which improves the lifetime performance of the TipperMax compared to other drop deck and drop center tippers. 



Standard Ride Height and
Tire Sizing

Customers can streamline parts needs across their fleets for improved serviceability and maintenance consistency. TipperMax trailers allow for standard ride height suspensions and standard profile tires.


Add the TipperMax™ to Your Fleet